Using DecBOOKS in your project

To simplify specifying DecBOOKS in your project, we have compiled a simple 4-step process. As ever, we are on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Our DecBOOKS Style Guide shows sixteen distinct and inspiring styles. From the traditional library look, through to the refined vellum finishes or the ultra-minimalist; choose the most desirable style for your project.


All we need are the width and height of the area you need to fill. If it’s a blank canvas, you don’t even need to worry about shelf heights yet – we’ll plan all of this for you. Why not send over a quick sketch, it’s always useful.


We will plan out your complete project, setting shelf heights and filling them with books to match your chosen style. With everything manufactured by hand in Gloucester, you can be sure this part will be done to perfection!


DecBOOKS are supplied in panels and packed by shelf. Each project is supplied with drawings and simple fitting instructions.


DecBOOKS are supplied to fit your dimensions with simple fitting instructions.

DecBOOKS Faux Book Fake Bookcase Hidden Panel

Paint the background matte black (or match the bookcase surround when fitting vellum or lighter modern colours).

Fake Books Consealed Compartment Decorative Book Ends

Paint faux shelf strips and fix in position. (Maximum book panel thickness: 25mm. Thinner versions are available).

Replica Books Imitation Bookcase False Book Spines DecBOOKS

Fix DecBOOKS panels with panel adhesive, according to the supplied plan.

Secret Door Faux Books False Books in library DecBOOKS Decora Mouldings

Beautifully finished interior.


We also offer a personalisation service for the more exclusive clientele. Typical family names in place of an author, corporate logos or text from commercial projects, or even meaningful titles can be included for a subtle but playful touch.


For more information on our extensive DecBOOKS collections, why not download a digital copy of our brochure – or, we can send you a hard copy in the post.

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